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fusion works on bamboo paper

"I saw a photo of the painting and couldn’t quite understand what was going on in it. What was the medium? There were glorious washes of color. Some almost transparent and some areas quite dense and saturated.

Michelle DeMarco’s work is at once energizing and contemplative. Using photography captured on her iPhone (yes… her iPhone) DeMarco combines carefully selected areas of imagery with artistry in egg tempera for finished works of extraordinary beauty on luscious bamboo papers."


~ Lisa Mikulski,
Shoreline Out & About 

February 2010

Moistmedia, a blending of digital with egg tempera, a rooster
A moistmedia piece of a Zimbabwe Caryatid
Moistmedia work of stones in a stream
From a series of mositmedia work called River Scrolls
Moistmedia work of a mystical bubble
Moistmedia work of an anemone
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